Compressed air operated valves

SMC VQ1000-FPG-C4C4 double check valve for VQ1000 series magnetic valve manifold with 4mm quick connectors

This check valve is used on the outlet side piping to keep the cylinder in the intermediate position..

Price: 49,60€ 40€

Availability: 1

Pimatic 5122-44-2F-230/50VAC 5/2 ISO-solenoid valve manifold set, ISO 1 *new*

Valve technical information (information is picked up from newer model, they most likely hardly diff..

Price: 105,40€ 85€

Availability: 10

Festo SE-1/4-B 9686 quick exhaust valve without silencer with G1/4 ports *new*

Quick exhaust valve allows free flow from supply connection (P) to output connection (A) as long as ..

Price: 34,72€ 28€

Availability: 13

Univer AM-5241 gradual starter valve with G1/4 ports

The gradual starter valve is used in pneumatic devices where a sudden startup of a device is to be a..

Price: 21,08€ 17€

Availability: 1

SMC VM-33CB operator head, green flush pushbutton (for VZM500 series valvemodules)

Operator head technical information: Model description: Green button with 30mm diameter ..

Price: 6,20€ 5€

Availability: 1

SMC EVZM550-F01-00 5/2 manual valve module with G1/8" ports and external pilot operation

Valve technical information: Function: 5/2 meaning 5x ports 2x positions Directional ..

Price: 33,48€ 27€

Availability: 2

SMC ASP330F-01-06 universal type speed controller with check valve, R1/8 threaded port and 6mm quick connector for tube

Pressure operated speed controller with check valve which can be used in various different applicati..

Price: 13,64€ 11€

Availability: 21

Univer AF-2601 3/2 NC pilot operated valve with G1/4" ports

Valve technical information: Function: 3/2 meaning 3x ports 2x positions, servo valve ..

Price: 55,80€ 45€

Availability: 3

Price: 80,60€ 65€

Availability: 1

Price: 62€ 50€

Availability: 1

Festo HGL-1/8 12938 pilot operated check valve

Pressure operated check valve which can be used in various different applications. One way valve let..

Price: 18,60€ 15€

Availability: 28