PLC / Programmable logic controllers

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Omron CJ1W-TER01 terminator end cover *new*

End plate module which is compatible with Omron CJ1W  series programmable logics. Download O..

Price: 105,40€ 85€

Availability: 1

Omron CJ1W-DRM21 devicenet unit master/slave *new*

DeviceNet is a digital, multi-drop fieldbus network that connects and serves as a communication netw..

Price: 520,80€ 420€

Availability: 2

Omron CJ1W-DA041 analog output module 4x outputs, 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10V, −10-10V, 4-20mA *new*

Analog output module let's you create analog output signals from your PLC program. These signals can..

Price: 967,20€ 780€

Availability: 2

Omron CJ1W-SCU41-V1 V1.3 serial communication unit 1X RS-232C port + 1X RS-422/485 port *new*

The Serial Communications Units that enable High-speed connections with external devices. Each seria..

Price: 582,80€ 470€

Availability: 2

Omron CJ1W-OC211 output unit 16x relay outputs 250VAC/24VDC 2A, removable terminal blocks *new*

Basic I/O expansion block to be connected into programmable logic controller. If you need more I/O's..

Price: 415,40€ 335€

Availability: 4

Omron CJ1W-ETN21 V1.4 ethernet unit *new*

Use Ethernet to implement various communications protocols and implement FINS message communications..

Price: 992€ 800€

Availability: 3

Omron CJ1W-SRM21 compobus/s master unit *new*

The CompoBus/S High-speed Field Network is ideal for reducing component wiring. Both standard rubber..

Price: 347,20€ 280€

Availability: 8

Omron Sysmac CJ1M-CPU11 V3.0 CPU unit *new*

The CJ1M’s rack-less modular design lets you customize your control system by adding external additi..

Price: 682€ 550€

Availability: 1

Omron CJ1W-CT021 high-speed counter unit 2x inputs, 32-bit, 500kHz, 2x outputs, 30x soft outputs *new*

The CJ1W-CT021 high-speed counter block equipped with 2 Counters and counts over a maximum binary ra..

Price: 806€ 650€

Availability: 2

Omron Sysmac CJ1M-CPU23 V4.0 CPU unit, 10x inputs, 6x outputs,  2x counters, 2x pulse outputs *new*

The CJ1M’s rack-less modular design lets you customize your control system by adding external additi..

Price: 967,20€ 780€

Availability: 1

24VDC 2,5A 60W output, 100-240VAC input Carlo Gavazzi SPD24601 switching mode power supply, screw terminals

Switching-mode power supply (also known as switched-mode power supply, SMPS) is very commonly used t..

Price: 62€ 50€

Availability: 1

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 SLC 5/01CPU 1747-L511 CPU unit + 1747-M1 AT28C64B 1kB EEPROM memory module

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series programmable logics are so called rack mountable models. All of the PLC..

Price: 124€ 100€

Availability: 1

Allen Bradley 1747-AIC SLC 500 DH-485 link coupler module

Link coupler unit which allows interconnecting multiple CPU units together with the help of DH-485 n..

Price: 155€ 125€

Availability: 2

2x 29,5-31,6VDC 4A 126W output, 115VAC or 230VAC input IFM AC1212 dual AS-i switching mode power supply, screw terminals

AS-i interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) field bus component which is suitable to use as part of s..

Price: 148,80€ 120€

Availability: 1

Omron  NT20S-ST161-EV3 programmable terminal, 24VDC, RS-232C

NT20 is a programmable terminal which is used to display and transmit information. The NT2..

Price: 806€ 650€

Availability: 2

Omron CS1W-CIF31 HW V1 USB-RS232C converter for programming Omron's PLC's

USB-RS232C serial port converter for programming Omron's programmable logics. USB-RS232C adapter ..

Price: 396,80€ 320€

Availability: 1

24VDC 6.5A 150W out 100-240VAC in Omron S8PS-15024CD SMPS power supply unit

Power supply for general use. Can be used as power supply for programmable logic controllers (PLC). ..

Price: 142,60€ 115€

Availability: 1

Omron Sysmac CPM1A-40EDT1 expansion module with 16x sourcing transistor outputs and 24x optoisolated inputs *new*

Omron CPM1A series expansion block for those who just need more inputs and outputs. Omron CPM1A-2..

Price: 285,20€ 230€

Availability: 1

Omron Sysmac mini CPM1A-40CDT-D programmable controller, CPU unit

Omron CPM1A series logics are equipped with multipurpose features, but regardless of that they still..

Price: 217€ 175€

Availability: 1

Omron CJW1-CIF11 Sysmac option RS-232C port to RS-422A port converter

Omron CJ1W-CIF11 RS-422A Converter connects directly to a Sysmac CS/CJ-series RS-232C port and conve..

Price: 117,80€ 95€

Availability: 2