About Us

Scemosystems online store started operation in summer 2012 and we are specialized in processing and dealing used industrial automation equipment. Scemosystems.fi functions are owned and run by Scemo Oy (Scemo Ltd).  Cyberstore contains mainly technical hardware which is used among industrial and technical hobby activities Our warehouse is 300m² big and it is full of items for sale. Our selection consists of lots of different things ranging from nuts and bolts all the way to heavy automation cells and everything in between.

Most of the stuff we have on sale is used. Also most of the stuff we have on sale is located in our warehouse and you can check the item quantities in real time from each item details. If you need more of something than the stock quantity allows you to have feel free to inquire us about it if we could possibly arrange more of that.

As an exception the preordered stuff which will be ordered / imported by us upon customer order. The preordered stuff might have longer delivery time. So if in a hurry ask us about the delivery time prior to order.

  • Our opening times:
    • When we are here we are open from dawn until dusk.
    • If we are not here, we are closed.
    • Occasionally we are here even though we need to be elsewhere.
    • Sometimes it might happen that we are occupying the warehouse, but we are not here.

Due to our regular irregularity of our business hours it is advised to arrange time in advance with us before visiting our warehouse or collect the order. You may pass your intention of an appointment  to us by E-mail or by phone. This way we know when to be at the warehouse at the right time or we know to tell you when the warehouse will be occupied again.

Scemosystem's cyberstore warehouse is located in city of Järvelä (Kärkölä, Finland), at Kauppatie 4. Insert this address into navigator in case you are coming to visit us or collect your purchase.

  • Now one can also navigate to us!
    • Coordinates:
      • N 60° 52.220´
      • E 25° 16.759´
    • WGS84 coordinates:
      • 60.87033, 25.27932

We sell and we deliver products as well in Finland as abroad. Our online store offers Finnish Postal service, "Matkahuolto" (bus freight) and collecting at warehouse as an options of delivery. In case you want your order to be delivered by other means inform us about it. If you need your order fast, ask us about the delivery schedule prior to placing order. By agreement we can also deliver the product to the end location ourselves.