Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We accept all the Finnish web banks, bank cards / credit cards, mobile payment, bank transfer and few other cards and services which provide installment plan. Money transfers are done by using Verifone Bluecommerce payment service. If you want to order by invoice, yes that can be arranged. If invoicing is required then please contact our customer care. Invoiced order is freed for delivery when we get the payment transaction is visible to us, unless exceptionally something else is been agreed.

From Scemosystems web shop you will find used industrial automation. For example products ranging from fields of pneumatics, mechanics, electronics all the way to complete automation cells and robots. We also do sell IT hardware, components of POS systems, sound and light related devices and solutions.

For the most products we do not build them ourself. We import some of the products ourself and they are produced especially for us. That what we do manufacture our selfs we will state into product description.

Majority of the products that we sell are used. Occasionally there is some new stuff available too. In case the product is new it will be always mentioned in the product description. If there is no references to new then the product is used and it is sold in that condition what it actually is on the moment of selling. All new products are marked with *new* text in their name and they should have the same condition specified in the product details.

No it does not. You may place your order and choose not to register or register and create a user account at your free will. We suggest that you create a user account because when you order the next time you do not have to write again all the details considering your order and shipment info. You can also follow up the status of your order and check your former orders from our web shop. Registered customers may at some point benefit from special a discounts or campaigns directed to them.

Used products: Working warranty. Notification for this must be done in 14 days starting from the moment delivery company hands over the package to client or client picks up the package from our warehouse. New products: Products of our own importation have 1 year warranty which covers for manufacturing and raw material faults. Products that we resell have warranties which will differ slightly between different suppliers. For most times warranty terms are similar to the terms we have for our own import goods.

Primary option is that we offer is the exchange of a faulty product for another one of the same or similar make, with a reservation that we still have them for sale in our warehouse. Secondary option is that we can negotiate exchange of the original product for some other product of interest. Tertiary option is that we can make an agreement on canceling the trade and then client will deliver the product back to us (in case nothing else is agreed) and client service will return the payment for the client. Returns and exchanges of a product must be arranged with client service prior to sending anything to us. So in other words do not send us anything until further noticed.

We try to test sold products prior to shipment according to our resources and knowledge. We cant / do not know how to test everything ourself. Client can also visit scemosystems's warehouse facilities and can carry out testing of a device of his / her interest. For testing purposes our tools and resources can be used. For testing purposes client may also bring his / her own testing equipment with him / her. (we reserve the right to learn something new on this occasion).

One may always send us E-mail or make us a call and ask the question what is on his / her mind. Reason why we are not attending Kärkölä every day lies in the fact that the whole personnel lives in Tampere. Stuff works in a way that we try to come into our warehouse at least once a week and we usually stay there for some days in a row.

We ship our client's orders as fast as possible in case we are located at the warehouse when client places the order. If we are not attending the warehouse when the order is placed we will ship out the order first thing when we get there. We usually attend our warehouse at least once a week, but upon exceptional situation we will ship out orders within the 2 weeks period from the day order is placed. In case we have a reason to suspect that the shipping will be delayed more than a week we will contact the client and notify him / her. At the same time we can discuss or clarify shipping details. Possible reasons for delayed shipping. Sickness (and all the possible substitutes are going somewhere). Much more likely some sort of installation job we are carrying out far away. Much less likely or even nonexistent possibility such as some sort of a vacation.