Electric motors

Rotating 71mm cylinder which is powered by Maxon 46.032.032-22.00.182 geared combination DC motor

This is a rotating can be used in various aplications, such as some sort of a feeder or a roller. ..

Price: 396,80€ 320€

Availability: 8

Fanuc Pulsecoder Alpha A64 type A860-0360-V501

Pulsecoder for Fanuc AC servomotors. Device functions are based on coded rotating glass disk which i..

Price: 372€ 300€

Availability: 1

Mini Motor PC230M3T worm screw gear motor + axle with 2 pulleys

Motor tha has served as a conveyor belt driver...

Price: 446,40€ 360€

Availability: 1

370W KEB Combigear F helical geared motor F32A DA71G4 + Kubler type T8.5820 1822 0500 encoder

KEB Combigear F shaft Mounted helical geared motor with already mounted Kubler type T8.5820 1822 050..

Price: 694,40€ 560€

Availability: 1

650W Bonfiglioli group BN 80 B 6 motor + Siti MI 70 B transmission with 100/1 ratio

AC motor which is developed for gearmotor duty that will exceed expectations. The IEC-normalized BN ..

Price: 533,20€ 430€

Availability: 1