HID (Human Interface Device)

Contour RollerMouse Pro2 RM-PRO2-BLK ergonomic mouse and wrist-rest, USB

Have you ever wanted to be like that person who works at DMV or like that one that works as a social..

Price: 173,60€ 140€

Availability: 1

IBM / Lenovo KU-9880 USB numeric keyboard

Good quality numpad from Lenovo with 90cm USB cable. Very convenient with laptops which (usually) do..

Price: 16,12€ 13€

Availability: 7

Hand held products Imageteam IT 3900-12E bar code scanner in metal case

Fixed Position Bar Code Scanner in metal casing. Upon desire the reader can be removed from metal ch..

Price: 80,60€ 65€

Availability: 37

Time card terminal Deltabit Gatekeeper Pro + GK pro timecard module

Deltabit Gatekeeper Pro fingerprint access control system Deltabit Gatekeeper Pro is an access co..

Price: 24,80€ 20€

Availability: 1

Deltabit Gatekeeper Lite N + GK pro control point module

Wherever you go, the key is always with you! Deltabit Gatekeeper Lite allows you to say goodbye t..

Price: 24,80€ 20€

Availability: 1

ABB ULMA rugged keyboard + track ball mouse (PS/2)

This is one of a kind piece of artwork. Incredible old school, prepare to be dazzled... This is a fu..

Price: 49,60€ 40€

Availability: 1