Machine vision controllers

Omron F150-KP console keypad for operator interface

F150 series machine vision controller keypad with 2m cable...

Price: 136,40€ 110€

Availability: 1

Omron F160-C15E-2 vision mate controller (machine vision controller)

The controller of the machine vision equipment is the most central part of the machine vision equipm..

Price: 2914€ 2350€

Availability: 1

Geovision GV600V3 PCI video surveillance card for 16x cameras and 4x audio inputs

DVR camera card made by Geovision. This card was used to record video from 16x different cameras and..

Price: 80,60€ 65€

Availability: 1

Omron F150-C15E-3 Vision Mate Controller machine vision camera controller unit

Machine vision controller manufactured by Omron. This unit allow for connection of one camera and th..

Price: 291,40€ 235€

Availability: 1