Black panel mounted 2x LR44 battery operated temperature and humidity meter -50..+70°C, 10-99% RH *new*

Compact panel mounted meter which displays temperature and relative humidity percentage. Meter te..

Price: 7,44€ 6€

Availability: 1

Deek Robot SHT2010 digital hygrostat (temperature and humidity controller) -20..+60°C, 0-100% RH, 110-220VAC *new*

Compact panel mounted and intelligent digital temperature controller which can handle heating or coo..

Price: 37,20€ 30€

Availability: 4

XH-B310 red 7-segment LED temperature sensor with m6x1 male thread 50cm K-type sensor -30-800°C  *new*

Simple and easy to use temperature gauge for measuring temperature. Connect the sensor and power sup..

Price: 14,88€ 12€

Availability: 7

Mestek IR01D infrared thermometer -50-+800°C range and emissivity adjustment + air temperature and humidity *new*

Infrared thermometer which actually shows user he is actually measuring. Finally a contactless pyrom..

Price: 45,88€ 37€

Availability: 9