Faget RM110-E8 current measurement transformer 1000/5A 0,5-1-3S *new*

  • Faget RM110-E8 current measurement transformer 1000/5A 0,5-1-3S *new*
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
    Faget RM110-E8 1000/5 0,5-1-3S *new*
  • Dimension:
    110 x 83decimal_point50 x 128 mm
  • Weight:
    835 g
  • Availability: 1pcs
  • Condition: New
  • Price Including VAT: 86,80€

  • Ex Tax: 70€

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Current measurement transformer which allows you to measure current flow from a wire pulled through the transformer.

The amount of mounting brackets we have in stock will not be enough for all of these. Ie when we run out of them, we will start shipping the measurement transformers without them. Same bracket is compatible with multiple models.

Measurement transformer technical details:

  • Transformation ratio:
    • 1000/5A (at 1000A current the measurement output will produce 5A current)
  • Continuous max current:
    • 1200A
  • Max peak current (1s):
    • 60000A
  • Burden power consumption:
    • 10-15-20VA
  • Accuracy class:
    • 0,5-1-3S
  • Max cable diameter:
    • 53mm
  • Operating temperature range:
    • -25...55°C
  • IP classification:
    • IP20
  • Complies to standard:
    • IEC61869-2

Download Eleq energy revenue line current measurement transformers technical datasheet

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