Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new*

Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new*
Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new* Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new* Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new* Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new* Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65 WS2811 12VDC 72W 60LED/m IP65 flexible digital LED strip, 5m reel *new*
Manufacturer: Worldsemi
Product Code: Worldsemi HC-T12V-20L-60LED-W-IP65, 5m reel *new*
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Have you ever dreamed of LED strip where you could change the the strip color. even somehow in more ways than by adjusting the whole strip colors at once. Well, the basic RGB LED strip does just that, and there are some situations when it's okay, though. This WS2811 LED driver circuit equipped RGB LED strip is something else entirely. You can change the strip color in three LED groups exactly the way you want, whenever you want. WS2811 LED strip can make you even Knight Rider lights with LED strip running red lights from end to end. Alternatively, you can grab a idea beer and throw yourself completely wild, let your imagination loose and encode your controller to do almost anything you like with this strip. This does not iron clothes and it does not fill in tax declaration, but yes, this can be made into a damn fine working light for doing those chores.

Digital LED strip is also known as WS2811 strip according to it’s driver chip or they are as well referred as NeoPixel LED strip.

If you want to order more of this tape than our web shop availability says, then contact our customer service. We can order up more of this according to the needs.

In addition to selling these, we are also offering various installation, programming and product development services regarding digital LED strips. Contact our customer care and tell us what do you need and lets get things going!


Here is a couple of examples where this digital LED strip can be applied:

  • Night club, bar, restaurant
  • Kebab restaurant (after all, the colorful LED lights have already gain foothold in them to stay)
  • Vehicle interior and under lighting
  • Architectural lighting (property lighting)
  • For boat or summer cottage
  • Billboard
  • Work of art and art shows
  • Interior lighting
  • Effect lighting

And after all, there is plenty of ideas. Internet is full of additional implementation ideas and it will give you some help for brainstorming sessions if you need more ideas on how and where to apply LED’s. Teensy 3.1 USB development board, which is sold in our web shop can be used for controlling the LED’s.

LED strip dimensions:

  • Width:
    • 10.3mm
  • Thickness:
    • 3mm
  • Length:
    • 5000mm

WS2811 is intelligent LED-controller, that can be used with any kind of RGB-LED. This controller is used in LED-strips, where LEDs are connected in groups of three LEDs each.

Integrated circuits include internally an intelligent digital port and signal reshaping signal amplifier. This way the signal stays unchanged from controlling chip to another. Chip also includes a internal oscillator and a programmable constant current control part. The data transfer protocol uses NZR communication mode. After powering up, the controller circuit receives data from controller in a manner, that it will take the first 24bit for itself and sends the rest forward to the signal amplifier, which takes care, that the controlling signal stays the same way and off it goes to the next controlling chip.

8 bits = Green
8 bits = Red
8 bits = Blue

When each LED in a strip has received it's data in it's buffer, voltage in dataport falls to 0V over 50 µs, then each LED powers up at same time with programmed color and intensity.

Data transfer timing WS2811

			Control line high		Control line low
0 bit			0.5µs ±150ns			2.0µs ±150ns
1 bit			1.2µs ±150ns			1.3µs ±150ns
Refresh							Over 50µs

Download World Semi WS2811 LED driver IC datasheet

Download Adafruit NeoPixel library from GitHub

LED lighting
Amount of LED’s 60x LED/1m
Color of the light RGB
Controlling method Digital NZR serial data. 3x LED’s act as one pixel (to put it in other way, controlled in a groups of 3x LED’s)
IP rating IP60
LED strip PCB foil color White
Max length of LED strip without additional power feed Additional power feed is recommended between every 100 PWM controller chips. We recommend additional power feed between 5m.
Mounting method Gluing into a mounting surface, with the glue strip (3M-tape) at the back side of LED strip
Operating temperature -40...+60°C
Operating voltage 12VDC
Power consumption 72W/5m
Reel length 5m
Type of LED SMD LED5050, WS2811

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